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Pen Needles

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Disposable pen needles are sold separately from the pens and typically require a prescription. You attach them by screwing or snapping the needle onto the pen.

Insulin pen needles are intended for single use only but it is known that a significant proportion of people with diabetes do re-use needles.

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Reducing Injection Pain

To prevent or lessen pain discomfort while using an insulin pen, regardless of needle size, you can:1

  • Let insulin come to room temperature. Cold insulin can sting—remove it from the fridge 15 minutes before injecting.
  • Allow the alcohol to dry. If you use alcohol to clean and prepare your injection site, allow it to dry before injecting your insulin.
  • Try not to tense up. Before injecting, take deep abdominal breaths and mentally work to relax the muscles at the site where you'll be injecting.
  • Don't jabs. Rather, aim for quick, direct penetration. Inject at a 90-degree angle to your skin and do not change the direction of the needle once you are in the injection site.
  • Rotate injection sites. Move the injection site by one inch with each dose to prevent soreness, irritation, or formation of a painful lump.
  • Press, don't rub. If an injection hurts painful, apply pressure to the site for a few seconds, but do not rub it: This could increase insulin absorption and put you at risk of hypoglycemia.
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