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Exclusive Services

Our A.I. Retinal platforms are placed in clinics treating diabetes. (Endocrinologist/Internal Medicine). PCP refers are welcomed. We partner with health plans and providers for Community Health Events. The exam takes less than 3 mins to provide the patients with the results. if results are positive we refer patients to local Retinal Specialist.

A.I. Retinal Platform

This Platform is for providers treating patients with diabetes.  Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial carriers are mandating providers to provide a Diabetic Retinopathy exam annually for their patients.



The exam is one of the HEDIS/STAR quality measures for diabetics.  Providers and health plans are having difficulty getting retinal exams performed.  Providers are missing out on incentives each year.



A claim is rarely billed to the healthplan for reimbursement. For the Retinal exam to count as a HEDIS measure, a provider must bill the correct CPT code. Once billed, a claim data is produced and the HEDIS Gap is closed.



The Diabetic Retinopathy exam is seldomly performed by Retinal doctors.  A better solution is needed to ensure that the retinal exam is performed and billed to the health plans.

Contact our Local Distributor at 800.988.7448 or email


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