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 Diabetes Depot Services

Monthly patient monitoring service: We will contact patient monthly about their diabetes health.  Patient will be contacted through telephone.  If there are any health complications, we will contact PCP to schedule an appointment. The goal is to reduce hospital usage.  We will document all finding in CCM portal software which will be available to PCP or Plan. Service provided by CDE, Nurse or Pharmacist (no cost).

Our program will also provide diabetes testing supplies (monitor and test strips).  These products will be delivered to members home free of charge.  Our goal is to increase medical visits to PCP by giving free non-reimbursed medical related gifts. They will receive these gifts every three months. These gifts were requested by patients and providers. The gifts will be an incentive for members to attend PCP visits each quarterly.  Members are required to attend scheduled office visits each quarter to receive gifts.  Our goal is to promote more medical visits for patients with diabetes and reduce hospital usage.

Diabetes Retina Exam: For members with diabetes. We will send trained staff and equipment to PCP office or community setting. Technician will use fundus camera to get images of eyes. Images will be sent by software to retina specialist. They will interpret images and send results to PCP or Plan.  PCP will then bill Plan for service.

Diabetes Self-Management Training (program is accredited thru AADE): This service is provided at no cost. A CDE will provide the training. Class normally start at 10am and end around 2:00pm. We will provide snacks, drinks, lunch and gifts. Retina exam and other HEDIS services could be provided.  We will help arrange transportation for patients if needed.

Health Fair Participation We can provide the following services: diabetes retina exam, Hemoglobin A1c, nephropathy exam, blood pressure screening and Diabetes Self-Management Training (meal planning and fitness tips). The retina exam results will be sent to PCP and they can bill Plan.  We can a provide DSMT in 20 to 60 minutes increments. We require each member to call our office and register for free gifts prior to event.

For more details call 

Mark Simoneaux at  225.229.2036

LA Express Pharmacy/Diabetes Depot

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